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Injury Rebab & Movement Screening

We perform postural and functional movement assessments, screenings, analysis, and corrective functional exercise programming,  that are HIPAA compliant and can be delivered directly to your email or phone using our secure Webexercise online platform.

Posture Analysis:

Accurately measures angles and linear distances of posture displacements and documentation for clinical assessments.

Seated Desk Analysis:

Accurate and precise seated lateral analysis to better evaluate work ergonomic environments.


Accurately measures 2D and 3D Body Composition Analysis to allow accurate photographic anthropometry body composition analysis. Waist Hip Ratio calculation, Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Lean Body Mass (LBM).

Squat Screen:

Provides functional movement assessments of Lateral Overhead Squat, Anterior Posterior Overhead Squat, and Pushup-Plank screen.
Using anatomical landmarks we can predict overactive muscles, interactive muscles, and possible injuries the could or may have already occurred resulting in disfunction. Finding are used to create corrective exercise programming using our secure Webexercise online platform.

Post Rehabilitation Exercise Program Design:

Safe and effective post rehabilitative fitness programming designed to meet the various limitations of clients recovering from a variety of injuries, disease and/or treatments. Consideration is given to the effects of medications on exercise and the type of testing and exercise prescription that is applicable based on the pre-existing medical condition of the client.

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